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salutations, fellow internet denizen =]

and welcome to my neocities page!!

In general this place is for me to post art and other things that I make, as well as post about my interests. I really want to share my creativity with others :)

For more info about me, please click on the about tab above!

please note + some warnings:

Number one: I don't fully know the etiquette here so if I get things wrong pls let me know. I'm not trying to be rude or obtuse I'm just autistic T_T

Number two: Some pages may contain content or discussions of subject matter that are unsuitable for younger viewers. Nothing too graphic of course, but if you're under 16 or so you should probably clear out. The rest of you can chill.

Number three: NO hatred or bigotry allowed! I absolutely do not tolerate anyone being an unwarranted jerk to other people, especially in my own online space.

Otherwise, feel free to hang out and have fun!

credits to sadgrl's layout builder for the layout/setup (although I have added my own elements)